Types of Office Chairs for Big and Tall People

Published: 17th May 2011
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There are hundreds of office chairs to choose from and a big and tall person has as many choices as anyone else. There are many high quality, high consumer rated big and tall office chairs. What is important is to take some time to shop around and find the right chair to fit your needs and your body.

The first thing to take into consideration is how often you are in your office chair. If you sit for long hours a chair that is supportive and comfortable is going to be your main importance. If on the other hand you have to get up and down throughout your work day finding a chair that makes that easy will be the most important feature.

An office chair for a big and tall person should be built sturdier than the average office chair. Working with a company that specializes in these types of office chairs will make sure that you get the right chair for what you need.

One of the highest consumers rated chairs is called The Captain and itís built by ERA. It comes with contoured seat cushions and lower lumbar support. These two features will allow your back to stay in alignment and comfort. The four way adjustable head rest will allow for your neck to have the highest level of comfort. It is made with a steel frame and has a lifetime warranty attached to it. It is no wonder that it is one of the most favorite of office chair for big and tall people.

Another option also made by ERA is called The Explorer. These big and tall office chairs were built for the office worker that spends up to twelve hours a day in their office chair. People who are behind their desk for this many hours needs to be sure their chair can keep them feeling comfortable. It is made with a warranty covered steel frame and extra thick padding for those long nights at the office. The seat cushions slide in and out to allow for many different framed bodies to sit in the chair.

There are many things to take into consideration when shopping for an office chair. As a big or tall person you want to make sure that your chair was created for your body. A chair that is made for a big or tall person ensures fewer injuries and discomfort in the office.

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